This pre-fall women’s ready-to-wear collection is inspired by the book In Praise of Shadows by Junichiro Tanizaki. The book was written in the 1930’s and it compares the definition of beauty between East and West. While the Western World celebrates the beauty that’s exposed and revealed, the East rejoices everything that is hidden, quiet and mysterious. This collection is a compositional analysis of all those ephemeral elements and it is an exploration of the diverse and unique qualities of shadows.

Some shades in the collection are multiplied and distorted by the reflecting surface, and sometimes they can seem to have contradictory qualities. They can appear to be heavy and fragile, obscure and light, organic and rectilinear, solid and porous. All these different qualities create compelling compositions of depth, light and monochromatic hues.

The color scheme of the collection is based in a limited palette of black tones, with an emphasis on lightness, transparency, and intricate details. Black can be defined as a color that does not create or mirror any light. It absorbs all the light around and it enhances the pure study of shadows. Meticulous detailing is subdued and integral to the nature of the fabrics being assembled, rather than exaggerated.
The light weighted fabrics (organza and chiffon) and heavy fabrics (wool, polyester and synthetic leather) create a contrast that echoes the general idea of light and shadow. Different layers of chiffon and organza create depth and different tones of shades. Additionally the general silhouettes have a mix of solid, thick and heavy characteristics that contrast with some delicate, light, asymmetrical and organic lines.

Every piece in the collection is inspired in the book by Junichiro Tanizaki. Every part has intrinsic qualities of mistiness and silence. As mentioned in the foreword of the book, darkness illuminates for us a culture very different from our own; but at the same time it helps us to look deep into ourselves to our own inhabitation of our world. This collection is an essay on the ephemeral qualities of light and silence, and a celebration of shadows.